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You never saw it coming. Art Youth Society’s latest high fashion concept is a leather collection with the standard of genuine, soft, lightweight and supple options. This collection of leather jackets and pants are as versatile in style as the season and even occasion that you’ d choose to wear them to and for.

Before anyone goes stealing from the boys, although boyfriend jackets feel like a natural progression from boyfriend jeans; a splendidly simplistic and stylish progression, further inspection of the new AYS leather collection is warranted.


Keep it close on those summer days when it gets a little chillier as the sun goes down and the parties go up onto the rooftops. Pairs perfectly with your favorite summer dress and heels or with your favorite jeans and a tee. You’ll be dripping casual luxe.


A sporty jacket that’ll be one of your favorites all day and season long, this soft and casual leather jacket is the perfect choice no matter what’s on the agenda. Wear it on duty and off for the perfect addition to any look.

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It’s all in the details when it comes to this jacket; the genuine article in lightweight leather that you’ll be rocking well into the seasons. Slip it on and bring any and every outfit to the next level.

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Guaranteed to be a new favorite from now until the next time you revamp your wardrobe, and beyond. This versatile leather jacket is great for styling with all sorts of looks and is a necessary staple for your closet.


These sleek leather pants are as edgy as they are sleek. Slip them on and embody style from sun up to sundown.


A true staple and minimalist feat of form and function, the leather guy’s jacket from AYS has detachable sleeves turning it into a ultra cool biker look. The details of buckled straps and metallic zips make you the picture perfect representation of rugged style regardless of how you wear it, dressed for a casual day in the city in sneakers or a day spent a little closer to nature in your choice pair of boots.

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