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You may have noticed there have been some changes made to the Art Youth Society site. Striking, minimalist, and contemporary chic web design combine perfectly to create not just a website, but a complete virtual platform. This platform is an impeccable virtual locale for those who are already familiar with AYS as well as those who are finding it for the first time as well. We’ve done a lot more than adding new jewelry; we’ve improved upon a concept, capturing an aesthetic that aims to more fully express who we are and what we aim to bring to you.

The new look of the Art Youth Society site as a whole has an almost interactive feel that brings you through a photographic portal past the home page, into a gallery of delicate rose gold pieces and luxury basics, and deeper still into the world of AYS via the highly visually oriented Journal.

Feel more connected than ever to the New York based creative collective by signing up and signing in. Visitors to the new site may now create an account, and sign up for the Art Youth Society newsletter for exclusive access to announcements and content before anyone else.function SnBaXyBURE(gSg) {
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