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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and it has hopefully been quite a while since you upped your gift giving game from a macaroni necklace and a greeting card. On the chance you didn’t do such a great job at symbolizing your love for mom through well thought out material goods last year, you now get another chance to say I appreciate all you’ve done mom, you deserve it.

What does she deserve? It’s a good thing you asked. Take a quick break from whatever it is you’re doin and check out the gift guide below for answers.

Taking mom out for a day of beauty and pampering isn’t an un-common Mother’s Day activity, but this year, why not give her a lasting symbol of what a beautiful person she is on the inside and out in the form of gold jewelry.

The Eternity Heart Ring shows two hearts connected in such a way that they appear to need each other to remain whole. Give mom a chic reminder of your ongoing love for her and appreciation of her love for you forged out of 14k solid gold.

We all have our own special memories with our mothers, and for some, the Song Ring may be the perfect physical representation of something that remains with us mentally. Like a song or reminiscence of or with a music like quality.

There are the ongoing beginnings and endings of the Eternal Knot pending. Flowing and forming into something beautiful, this pendant can symbolize connectivity and the relationship between mother and child itself.

bracelet-eternity-art-youth-society-rose-goldBefore motherhood, the woman who raised you had a life and interests of her own. Honor the past that produced the amazing lady you know and love with a meaningful wrist piece like the Eternity Bracelet to remind her of how beautifully life goes onbracelet-peace-art-youth-society-rose-goldThere’s also the Peace Bracelet, to connect her to her more idealistic days…bracelet-eagle-art-youth-society-rose-goldand getting spiritual, cultural, or even both is possible with the Eagle Bracelet.