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Introducing the Newest Must Have Styles from AYS

Whether you’re adding to an existing collection or thinking about working the very first AYS piece you’ll own into your look, these new styles are the place to start. Deeply symbolic and on trend, you can’t miss with these expertly crafted, understated statement pieces.



A 14k rose gold symbol of the timelessness of the human spirit, the invisible beginnings and endings of the beautiful “Eternal Knot” is like a wearable tableau. This is the perfect pendant for the overall vibe of this summer’s music festival scene. Match it with the other pieces you plan on wearing while you’re getting festival ready! When the festivals die down, make a minimalist and stylish statement wearing it is an individual piece.


The “Eternity Heart Ring”, a gorgeous 14k rose gold piece symbolizes the infinite and the eternal. Whoever and whatever it is you love, keep it close to you with this extravagant, yet downplayed, representation. This piece is amazing for mixing with the other rings you already own, and pairing it with a seemingly ironic piece like the AYS “Anarchy Pendant” will take your look to the next level in the best way.


Symbolizing unity and modeling the universe both geometrically and mathematically in the form of an elegant 14k rose gold pendant, the “Gordian Knot” pendant is the new conversation piece that you’ll need. This delicate pendant exudes a level of craftsmanship unlike most things you’ll have seen before. You’ll feel like otherworldly royalty while it hangs from your neck.


The flower is as perfect an analogy for life and the way things grow as the “Seeds of Life” pendant is as a symbol of the universe, mysticism, and refinement. A symbol to unite young, city dwelling creatives, and today’s forward thinking jet set; the pendant is also worn during pregnancy for protection. Taking the creation concept to the other end of the spectrum.